Sunday, February 28, 2021

 Interesting times indeed! Spring is just around the corner and everybody is still masked and secluded. But soon patios will open. 

My author/illustrator career has slowed down as publishers learn to navigate their new situations. I am happy to be working with the wonderful Pajama Press in Toronto on two books. I want to thank Kari-Lynn Winters for putting my name forward to illustrate her clever and funny story. It's a special gift to be able to work with such a good friend.

Speaking of people I care about I'm sad and happy to be finishing my book with Groundwood. But all things come to an end and soon the book will be out. I hope to be able to show off the cover art soon. 

Finally to my new second career as a purveyor of t-shirts, tea towels and cards. Who knew this would happen but it definitely falls in the category of 'where might you go in a pandemic'. I've had good reactions to images I put out there so I decided to follow through and suddenly I have a second business. Many years ago I co-owned a greeting card company so I'm aware how time consuming that can be when you do it all yourself. Even with a business partner who worked just as hard, I wrote and drew all the cards as well as shipped and ran the warehouse.  So suddenly, in my west end apartment, I have a mini warehouse. Still not sure how happy I am about that but there you go. Here's the latest image, (for people not in Canada, this is my take on 'Rosie the Riveter' as Dr. Bonnie Henry - our Provincial Health Officer/Hero)  yet to be decided where it will work best - t-shirt, tea towel, greeting card or all the above? 

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