Thursday, August 19, 2021

Stanley Park, Coyote Town

In Vancouver we have the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path or as we call it when we're in a hurry, the Seawall. I live right next door so I get out quite a bit. Yesterday I went for a ride. About halfway around I look up and see a coyote. I'm just registering “Oh, coyote.' when suddenly he's chasing me. I pick up speed and he's running alongside on the upper path. I guess he doesn't like the seawall so he's staying up there, or I think he is anyway. Within seconds the trees cut him off from view. I'm peddling fast now and soon realize that he's given up – hopefully thinking a squirrel will be easier to get. There's been more than 35 coyote attacks in Stanley Park this year, so it makes you a bit jumpy. Guess I'll bring my whistle tomorrow.*
*Artist rendering due to not being able to get off my bike and take a pic.