Monday, May 25, 2020

There's a new hero I wanted to show respect to - Dr. Bonny Henry. She is our provincial health officer here in British Columbia. Not exactly world known but she should be. She's got this incredible way of delivery that is very calming but still highly informative. Check her out.

I was looking for a slightly more amusing quote (during these tough times) but I guess she's not doing amusing right now.
As for other news, I've joined forces with so I can put up a bit more of my work. 
Covid has had such a different impact on different industries. We're a couple of months in and I'm just beginning to notice. I was lucky to have some books that I was working on but I can see those coming to an end. In some ways books are doing well with everybody self isolating. In other ways not so much with all the stores shut. 
And finally I'm happy to be getting out on my bike and hiking nearby. But I'll be  honest, I'm ready for cafes and stores to open (and feel safe enough to sit in)!

Friday, May 15, 2020

It's an unusual card but I made this for a friends birthday. Given the times we're in I guess it's a good fit. It will be interesting looking back next year to notice all the things we so quickly got used to: tape on the sidewalk for safe spacing, plexiglass dividers and not using cash. Strange times indeed.